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MNDOT Type 5 Mulch


MNDOT Type 5 Mulch*

“Provide Type 5 mulch with the following characteristics:

  1. (1)  Raw wood slash from hard or soft timber harvested during clearing and grubbing operations on the project;

  2. (2)  Product of a mechanical chipper, hammermill, or tub grinder;

  3. (3)  Maximum length of individual pieces shall not to exceed 20 in [500mm], and.

  4. (4)  Maximum width of individual pieces shall not exceed 2 in [50mm]. “

Provide mulch from a supplier outside of the Emerald Ash Borer quarantine areas or, if the mulch originates from within the quarantine areas, obtain a Compliance Agreement with the MDA. The Department will not allow mulch transported in or through a quarantine area to be transported outside the Emerald Ash Borer quarantine area without approval from the MDA. Find the quarantine area by contacting the MDA at 1-888-545- 6684 or visit the MDA Emerald Ash Borer website.”