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Commercial Memorial Bench



Honor and remember individuals and groups with a special in-ground memorial bench that will be a lasting tribute. The 6′ Grand Contour style bench is a durable addition to your outdoor space and is comfortable and attractive. Perfect for gardens, parks, cemeteries, and just about anywhere you would want a bench. Depending on what you would like in a memorial bench plaque, we offer two types. First, our sublimated plaques are used for color printing with dimensional images. We also have engraved plaques that are perfect for text and “clip art” style images. Both are highly rated for the outdoors with unmated quality.

The entire bench is coated with UV-stable, mildew-resistant plastisol (polyvinyl) that is compliant with worldwide standards. Furthermore, even the legs have this coating! The surfaces will never get too hot from the sun! The 1/8+ inch layer of plastisol is bonded directly to the metal so rust will NEVER be a problem.