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Our traditional backstops provide a perfect blend of safety and affordability. Available with either galvanized or powder coated frames, the 2-3/8″ O.D. galvanized steel frame ensures sturdiness no matter the circumstance. Planking is available in standard Green 2″ x 12″ reinforced 100% recycled plastic.

Frames are available in galvanized or powder-coated finish. Our in-house powder coating finish process allows us to offer a high-quality process and outcome for a reduced rate, giving our customers assurance they are getting both the best product and the best price.

Front: 17”6″ height, 24′ width
Rear: 10′ height, 10′ width
Side: 10′ height, 10′ width, 7’6″ depth

We extend a three-year warranty for all baseball backstops. Our warranty covers full replacement of any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose.